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Immunotherapy is having potential to cure or provide long-term control against cancer

#Cancerimmunotherapy or #Immunooncology is an upcoming #advancetreatment with the potential to cure or provide long term control over cancer. Many cancer world over including India are getting approved or are approved for treatment with #cancerimmunotherapy. The article below is a humble effort to update Citizens on its potential. #ISOI......Read More

The fight within

The first time, it didn't seem so bad. Joaquin Fernandes's right leg had had a small blister, and like anyone else, he dismissed it as a corn, something that would disappear on its own. In the next few days, though, Fernandes noticed that the blister had begun to turn blackish and decided to see a doctor. Doctors in his city—the Goa-born civil engineer has been working with a construction company in Dubai for three decades now—advised biopsy...... Read More