On the behalf of the Immuno-oncology Society of India (I-OSI), I am pleased to welcome you for the annual national physical conference. This will be three days physical programme from 20th to 22nd January, 2023 at Mahatma Gandhi Medical College & Hospital, Jaipur (Pink city).

I-OSI has been the leader in promoting tumour immunology and advancing cancer immunotherapy education, information and research in India. Our annual conference will highlight the current state of immuno-oncology for cancer care professionals with emphasis on current research, utilization trends, and advances in immunotherapies. Hence, the theme of this year’s conference is Immuno-Oncology towards 2023: Immuno-Therapy - Increasing Indications, Enhancing Understanding!!

The 3 days congress is designed to provide scientists and clinicians with a common interest in immuno-oncology to interact with the current and future leaders from all around the world. These leaders would provide insights and perspectives into present and future issues, challenges, and improvements needed for immunotherapy to be integrated into the mainstream cancer treatment.

The recent white paper points to the likelihood of further expansion of immunotherapy to treat more patients in the future. Factors that support this belief include the emergence of checkpoint inhibitors as feasible therapies in a variety of adjuvant and neoadjuvant settings, an increase in utilization of immuno-oncology therapies as part of combination regimens or in sequence with chemotherapy or targeted agents, and the increase of immuno-oncology delivery in the community.

As the paradigm in cancer treatment changes, I-OSI Annual Meeting continues to lead and drive the numerous advances our field is making. Additionally, I-OSICON will also try to address survivorship needs, which includes unpredictable and delayed immune-related adverse events, follow-up, and psychosocial support.

I also request you to register for this conference and be a member of I-OSI.


Dr Jyoti Bajpai,