International Faculty

Prof. Tasuku Honjo

Nobel Laureate, Deputy Director General and Distinguished Professor, Department of Immunology and Genomic Medicine Kyoto, University Faculty of Medicine, Executive Member, The Council for Science and Technology Policy Cabinet Office Kyoto,

Dr. Solange Peters

Head of the Medical Oncology Department,Head of the Specialized Consultation for Thoracic Tumors, Physician in charge of the Center for thoracic tumors, University of Lausanne,

Prof. Silvia Stacchiotti

Department of Medical Oncology, IRCCS Foundation, National Cancer Institute, Milan,

Dr. John B. Haanen

Head of the Division of Medical Oncology and Staff Scientist, Division of Immunology,Professor of Translational Immunotherapy of Cancer, Leiden University Medical Centre,
The Netherlands

Dr. Micheal A. Postow

Consultant Medical Oncologist, Chief, Melonoma Service, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Weill Cornell Medical College,
New York, USA

Dr. James Larkin

Consultant Medical Oncologist, The Royal Marsden/ICR Biomedical Research Centre,
London, UK

Dr. Ravindran Kanesvaran

Deputy Head & Senior Consultant, Division of Medical Oncology,National Cancer Centre,

Dr. Lynda Chin

Chief Executive Officer, Apricity Health LLC, Houston,
Texas, United States

Dr. Nina Shah

Consultant Hematologist-Oncologist, University of California San Francisco,

Dr. Nora Disis

Helen B. Slonaker Endowed Professor for Cancer Research University of Washington (UW) Associate Dean for Translational Health Sciences UW School of Medicine Seattle,

Dr. Vijay Kuchroo

Samuel L. Wasserstrom Professor of Neurology,Harvard Medical School,Senior Scientist, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Co-Director, Center for Infection and Immunity, Brigham Research Institutes, Boston,